Queen of Dracaenas

Queen of Dracaenas or locally known as ‘Dok Vasana’ is considered as a good luck plant.  It blooms at least once a year in cool weather.  Here, its in bloom in April because we had a cold (chilling) spell for a few days probably fooled the plant to bloom.  At any rate, the plants give a sweet aroma, expecially in the evening.


One Response to “Queen of Dracaenas”

  1. My husband bought this plant for me in 1979. It was about 10″ high and cost $2.98. It is now 4 -1/2′ tall, and for the FIRST TIME since I had it, it bloomed. It is gorgeous and the fragrance fills the house. I have been giving it liquid fertilizer for African Violets just as I do my Christmas cactus. I assume this is why it bloomed. I am so excited, that I plan to fertilize every year. What an extra special Christmas gift!

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